All programs are suitable for dogs aged 8 weeks+ and include a written Review after each lesson.  First lesson runs approximately 90 minutes.  All others are approximately 60 minutes.   


The Primary Pup

Get your pup started off on the right paw early on to teach him proper manners and basic obedience commands!   This program includes:

  •    3 private lessons including 1 at Your home
  •    4 commands (Watch Me/Attention, Sit, Down, Stay)

The Positive Pup

This convenient program is done entirely in the privacy of your home and will take your basic learning to the next level.  This program, with follow-up support, includes:

  •    4 private lessons at Your home   
  •    6 commands (Watch Me/Attention, Sit, Down, Come,  Stay,  Place)
  •    60 days email follow-up support for training questions on topics or issues previously discussed or trained.    

The Practical Pup

This program is for the owner who needs convenience yet wants peace of mind knowing that all bases are covered to achieve a well-mannered dog including distraction work and follow-up support when needed.  The training during the first year of your dog’s life is the most critical for setting the standard of the family dog you will own for years to come.    This program includes:

  •  6 private lessons at Your home 
  •  Unlimited commands including Watch Me/Attention, Sit, Down, Come,  Stay,  Place,        Leave  It and Let’s Go (Loose Leash Walking)
  •  Crate Games Training    
  •  Lifetime (of dog) email follow-up support for training questions on topics or issues previously discussed or trained.   

The Good Dog

Maybe you just got a rescue, or have been struggling with an issue for a while, or are expecting a new baby.  This short program is perfect for dogs who may have a few bad habits you would like to work on (such as pulling on leash, jumping up on people, counter surfing) or for brushing up/refreshing basic obedience commands and/or teaching your dog to learn with distractions.  Your dog will learn how to walk calmly on a leash and be more focused on you, in addition to being more respectful of you.  This program will be customized to fit your needs, and includes:  

  • 3 private lessons at Your home
  • Customized program and appropriate commands based on your dog's needs
  • 60 days email follow-up support for training questions on topics or issues previously discussed or trained.  

The Graduate Dog

Would you like to take your dog's obedience to the next level?  Having your dog smartly get into the heel position from any position, calling your dog to "front" and then "finish," Drop on Recall, retrieving a dumbbell over a high jump, or learn how to do agility weave poles?  Then this is the program for you.  Dog must be at least one year old and have had Basic and Intermediate Obedience class.  Program includes:

  • 4 private lessons including 3 at Your home
  • Customized program based on your goals
  • 60 days (after last session) email support for training questions op topics or issues previously discussed or trained.  

Other programs can be customized upon request, on an hourly basis, to include Training with a Buddy. 

Note:  All programs require Owner's participation in regular training practice with dog from lesson to lesson in order to achieve desired results. 

Feb. 2014 - Kona wins the Blue Ribbon and

earns the coveted UD (Utility Dog) title in Obedience.

Award Winning Dog Training

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