​Stella - 

My puppy Stella and I had the extreme pleasure of training with Lynn. She is patient, knowledgeable, and professional. When a certain technique did not work on my puppy, she quickly adapted the technique to a style which did work. When I had a problem with potty training, she had a wealth of information to help me quickly turn Stella around.  If she did not have an answer to Stella’s problem with training, she would consult with her fellow trainers and promptly email me an alternative solution.  She went above and beyond with suggestions of helpful training tools and fun activities to do with my pup.  I highly recommend Lynn to get the best out of your relationship with your dog.
Teresa H., Great Falls, VA


I  would highly recommend Lynn as an obedience trainer.  In January 2015, I attended training with my rescue Greyhound.  Violette responded really well to Lynn's gentle demeanor and positive reinforcement training technique (clicker and treat).  We made very rapid progress in more advanced commands that I was previously not very successful with like place-down, down-stay, and leave-it.  What really made the difference was having an expert trainer leading Violette through a series of repetitions successfully  to reinforce the behavior and then teaching me how to perform the command and give the reward correctly.  While I have had dogs all my life and attended training many years ago, Lynn taught me skills I did not learn before and corrected mistakes I was making that were sending confusing signals to Violette.  Training the trainer is a huge key to success and Lynn does this very well.  Lynn knows how to communicate well with people and dogs, and makes the training experience fun, rewarding and successful for all.  Lynn is knowledgeable about dog behavior and how to motivate them; we learned a lot in a short period.  I would highly recommend The Practical Pup for an adult dog.

Barbara J., Herndon, VA


Lynn has been bringing her dogs to our veterinary practice for many years.  Lynn takes a very proactive stand for the health and well being of her dogs.   She takes great care with training, socialization, and preventative health care early with her puppies to avoid problems with behavior and health life long.   Lynn is a wonderful source for dog training and boarding! 
​Kristan G., DVM - Herndon, VA


Daisy - 

My 79 year old mother (like Cal Ripken's mom) goes to the McDonald's drive-thru every morning for a diet coke.  She likes to take our one year old cairn terrier Daisy with her.

BIG PROBLEM: Daisy barked at everything while riding in the car.  She barked at cars, birds, children, runners, or just people minding their own business.  But most of all she began barking as they approached McDonald's.  She got louder and louder when the speaker that took the order talked back, when the employee took the money, and when the drink was handed to my mom.  The workers would hang out their windows frowning and giving dirty looks.  My mom tried treats, scolding,and commands with no success.  Daisy just got louder! Finally, we consulted Lynn, who was already working one-on-one with Daisy and she thought she could help us.  Daisy loves Lynn and works well with her.

​My mom picked up Lynn to ride in the back seat with Daisy.  Of course, she wouldn't bark for Lynn. We drove around looking for something that would entice Daisy to bark.  Finally we saw a large family walking to the pool.  We drove up beside them and Daisy couldn't resist...she barked.  Lynn worked with her and she stopped. We drove a little further and stopped and waited for the same family to catch up.  Bark, Lynn works, silence!  We repeated this four times and Daisy no longer barked.  SUCCESS!

Thank you Lynn for finding a solution to our problem.  Daisy even goes to McDonald's and other places in the car and is quiet and well-behaved.  We needed help and you gave it to us.  We are grateful.
​Beth B., Reston, VA


Mudge - 

​Four lessons with Lynn as our coach and mentor were just what our family needed to successfully transition our new puppy into our home. Modeling effective training, commands, praise, and correction techniques, our family of six has been able to provide the structure and consistency needed for our new puppy to thrive and adapt to our home. The six commands learned: "sit, down, stay, leave it/off, look, and come" have been precisely the tools we needed to build the positive relationship with our puppy we desired. Lynn's coaching and support allowed us to create the necessary structured environment where puppy behavior (biting, jumping, grabbing, etc.) is under control, corrections are minimized, and shared happy times abound.  Thank you, Lynn! 
Karen B. - Herndon, VA


Willow - 

​Good Morning Lynn! I just had to write to tell you - this morning I was in the kitchen with Willow when my daughter called from upstairs that she had to go potty. I ran upstairs (leaving Willow in the kitchen and OUT of her crate) without thinking to help my daughter. When I came back downstairs  (I was probably up there for a good four minutes), Willow was sitting behind the gate!!!!! She didn't try to climb over!!!! Just from that little bit that you did with her yesterday! I was so happy! I gave her a piece of cheese and congratulated her with lots of praise. 

Thank you again so much for coming out to the house yesterday. In such a short period of time I'm already seeing the benefits!! I can't wait for class tomorrow night!!
Heather A. - Oakton, VA


Charlie - 

​What a treasure Lynn is!  We've raised Goldens and Labs for years and have taken our pups to other training classes, but hers is easily the best.  A while ago we adopted a rescue Border Collie --our first.  He and our current Golden have become fast friends.  But a little work was in order.  In just a few classes, the progress has passed any of my expectations.  This, by the way, is with an almost four year-old dog, who developed his own ways of doing things before joining our family.  

Lynn is very knowledgeable and communicates practical, useful techniques in specific, understandable ways.  Understandable to humans, too - who are sometimes slower to catch on than the pooches!  The goal in taking our Border to Lynn is to prepare him for agility training - for fun and, maybe, competition later.  I'd recommend her without reservation.  So would Charlie.  He gives her four out of four paws!
Dr. Gary A. - Oakton, VA 



Shelby -

What I liked about Lynn’s approach was the personal guidance that she provided. She came to our home and spent time talking with us about the environment we had planned for our pup, house training and crate training, appropriate play and other specific issues and goals. My 6-year old daughter’s experience was important to us. We wanted to make sure that our dog Shelby would be a galvanizing influence for our family and not create conflict and/or resentment. My daughter, who has a very special bond with Shelby, is able to deliver basic commands. We always do so under adult supervision to reinforce Norah’s place in the pack :). From the very first meeting I had with Lynn even prior to training she became a valued resource for my family. We were waiting for a puppy from a breeder. It was so wonderful to have someone so knowledgeable ready to discuss anything that came up. In addition to training Lynn seems to have a sixth sense about where we are, sending me helpful links, book recommendations and articles and even lending an ear regarding issues that just come up – and they do! Lynn’s training methods are clear and easy to follow and if you practice what she teaches as a matter of course in your daily routine with your dog (and family) along with adhering consistently to other important house rules, it’s amazing how it all comes together. We have completed a full 4 sessions with Lynn from the first week we got our puppy and will continue to get her guidance as we pursue continued dog obedience, good citizenship and agility classes.

Paula M. - Reston, VA


Sarah and Mudge

Dr. Gary & Charlie

Zoey - One of our youngest students!


Chelsea & Chloe -

I rescued my two mixed-breed terriers about 12 years ago and as a less-than-novice dog owner, I quickly found myself in trouble! Lynn was able to help me understand how my pups thought and interacted with each other as well as teaching us many techniques to get us through 'the early years.'  Over the past 12 years, I have relied on Lynn to help overcome some trouble spots.  I've admired her succession of Retrievers and the results of her excellent training abilities.  Unlike hers, my dogs will never win any competitions but Lynn has been key to our success as a 'family!'  

Susan F. - Reston, VA


Sit Stay!  This is fun!

Place Down!

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Lynn & Daisy

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