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Everyone in Northern VA is busy juggling family and personal schedules.   And now you have a new pup!  The thoughts of getting into your car again and driving to class might be more than you are feeling up to.  Sound familiar? Not only that, but it is impossible for a classroom instructor to address all of your concerns and individual needs.  Classroom dog training certainly has its place and is very important for socialization and to introduce distractions while training, but it might not be the practical solution for you right now. 

Private dog training with me will be  customized to fit your needs, on your time schedule, in the comfort of your home and will provide you with guaranteed results!    The skills you learn privately working with an experienced trainer, who is 100% focused on you and your dog, will give you the confidence to know you can achieve the results you are looking for - whether it is resolving a problem with your dog or ensuring that he will be a well-mannered member of your family. 

The Importance of Dog Training


Why did you decide to get a dog?  Maybe you envisioned a happy family complete with kids and dog or puppy.  Perhaps you wanted a companion to hike and watch TV with.  Whatever the reason, it is important you and your pup 'speak' the same language.   Learn more



  • Did you get a new dog or puppy and  wondering where to begin training?

  • Are you having issues like biting, chewing, jumping, going potty in the house, stealing food, demand barking, bullying certain family members, etc.?

  • Are you having trouble getting your new dog or puppy to listen to you? 

  • Are you a little overwhelmed and exhausted with this cute little ball of fur and wondering if you've bitten off more than you can chew? 

We understand--and we see this all the time!  Plain and simple-- obedience training is essential if you want to keep your sanity and have a dog or puppy with good social manners who can live in your home in harmony with you and your family.  Having a well-trained dog is so rewarding and so much fun! 

I am committed to helping you achieve your training goals and will teach you the proper techniques to help your new puppy or dog be the 'best he can be.'   Do it right the first time around!


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My puppy Stella and I had the extreme pleasure of training with Lynn.  She is patient, knowledgeable, and professional.  When a certain technique did not work on my puppy.... Read more about what Teresa H.  from Great Falls, VA had to say about dog training with The Practical Pup. 

Good Morning Lynn!
I just had to write to tell you - this morning I was in the kitchen with Willow when my daughter called from upstairs that she had to go potty. I ran upstairs (leaving Willow in the kitchen and OUT of her crate) without thinking to help my daughter. When I came back downstairs...
read  what Heather A. from Oakton, VA had to say.   

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I wanted to thank you for teaching us "coo​kie, cookie, cookie" because I just had to use it. I was clearing the driveway and my mom opened the front door to tell me something and Daisy shot out...no leash, no harness or collar.  I yelled cookie and she came right to me (thank god!).  

Beth B. - Reston, VA